Central I-70 | Denver, Colorado


Denver, CO

Concrete Cutting / Transportation

Central I-70

Type of project?

  • Central I-70 project of knocking down the viaduct
  • 5-year project
  • Precision concrete cutting
  • Full service: Concrete cutting, curb sawing

What is the purpose of the project?

  • Reconstruct a 10-mile stretch of the I-70
  • Widen lanes to include an express lane on each side
  • Remove the 55-year-old viaduct
  • Lower a portion of the interstate and construct a 4-acre park above
  • Noise reduction to accommodate increased population traffic flow

Estimated completion date?

  • Start: September 2018
  • Estimated Completion: 4-5 years – A-Core has been contracted to be working for the entire duration of the project

Challenges of the project?

  • A lot of curb sawing had to be done
  • A-Core was the only company in the area that had the ability and expertise to do that