A-Core Concrete: Why It’s Important to Hire Professionals for Your Concrete Needs


Concrete is used to create a number of surfaces around a home or business. It is commonly used to form garage floors, walkways, driveways, foundations, and pool decks. Concrete work can get tricky, and large concrete surfaces can be more challenging and take longer to install than you might think. While you might be tempted to take on some DIY concrete work, hiring a professional will save you time and money in the long run. Choosing the right concrete professional is a crucial step in ensuring that your project goes according to plan and that you get the best results possible.
Here are three things that the pros are trained and equipped to handle:


Site Preparation:

One of the common mistakes do-it-yourself-ers make when preparing a site is not thinking about drainage. This is an important factor to consider, since concrete will inevitably get wet and the water will need to go somewhere. If your concrete is not graded or sloped properly, the water can flow into your home, basement, or yard. Concrete professionals will prepare the site by leveling and grading the ground and determining the depth at which the concrete surface needs to be poured. The optimal thickness for the concrete will vary based on the type of concrete you’re using, weather conditions, and how the concrete is being used. If concrete is too thick, it may not cure or harden properly. If it’s too thin, it can crack or wear faster.


Selecting and Properly Mixing the Concrete:

There are different types of concrete mixes available. Some contain more water, while others contain more sand or reinforced materials. It’s important to first select the right concrete and then make sure it’s mixed properly. The right mix will help ensure that the concrete surface is durable and able to withstand heavy usage and weather elements, and that it is able to cure properly. Selecting the wrong type of concrete will affect the lifespan of your concrete surface. A professional will know how to select and mix just the right type of concrete for your project.



Leveling and Smoothing:

After concrete is poured, there is a limited amount of time to level and smooth the concrete before it begins the hardening process. Once that process has occurred, the concrete can no longer be smoothed or leveled, and you will need to call in a professional to remove the surface and start the process all over again! That’s why hiring a professional the first time can end up saving you a lot of time and hassle.


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