What are Concrete Cutting Services?


Concrete cutting services are a vital factor in any construction project.

Whether it’s erecting new skyscrapers, pouring new highway lanes, tearing down 230-foot smoke stacks, remodeling dams and piers, concrete cutting is the essential next step after laying the foundation for the project. Once the initial concrete has set, it still has to be remodeled to suit project specifications through precision concrete cutting.

For example, in a new building this usually involves wall-sawing openings in the concrete for doors, windows, HVAC ducting, elevators and stairs. Concrete core drilling is used to create holes in order to run telecommunication lines, plumbing and electricity through the walls.

Services Offered by Concrete Cutting Companies

A concrete cutting company provides a wide range of services usually accompanied by decades of experience and the concrete-cutting equipment necessary to handle any construction challenge. Big or small, complex or simple, the scope of the job makes no difference to a trained professional.

Jobsite safety measures, however, play a prominent role in any project plan, as does the deadline and the budget. Competent concrete cutting specialists are able to balance all three, optimizing safety while also maximizing efficiency and cost.

A-Core Concrete Cutting Services

A-Core Concrete Cutting Specialists are pioneers in the field of concrete cutting. With decades of experience and a world-class arsenal of drilling and cutting equipment, we offer concrete cutting solutions to owners and contractors facing unprecedented construction challenges.

Flat Sawing

A-Core caters to your needs by investing in cutting-edge technology. Our skilled team of operators and contractors can draw on a variety of specialty concrete cutting saws that can slice through steel-reinforced concrete, pre-cast concrete, asphalt, metal, and other types of stone up to 24” thick.

Concrete Core Drilling

A-Core boasts the nation’s largest selection of diamond core drill bits along with the skill to use them. We can drill holes as tight as 3/4” in diameter or as wide as 73” and can cut up to 40’ deep. Not all concrete drilling projects are the same, so we offer flexible solutions made possible through our adaptable and maneuverable concrete cutting tools.

Wall Sawing

Wall sawing is a controlled demolition method used to make precise cuts in horizontal or vertical concrete surfaces. This technique allows us to cut access ways for elevators and stairs, flow deflectors for dams and crossovers for cabling. It also enables us to cut or enlarge openings for doors and windows. Our expert concrete sawing service leaves a smooth finish so your openings will easily accommodate immediate door or window installation.

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A-Core is one of the nation’s most trusted providers of concrete cutting services. Starting in 1974, we have offered expert concrete groovingconcrete grinding, and concrete drilling solutions. We take on construction challenges from every industry and region. Contact us to request a bid today.