Concrete Sawing

Concrete sawing is a service that doesn’t receive much attention until someone is in dire need of it. But because so much of the world is constructed from concrete, sawing concrete is a necessary service for construction and demolition projects.

There are three common uses for concrete sawing:

  • Roadway Construction/Reconstruction. Concrete roadways are often required to be sawed into segments to make them more durable and flexible. The seams are then sealed with a substance to prevent water from getting into the gaps.
  • Renovations. Businesses sometimes need renovations to expand or give their place a face lift. Concrete sawing can be helpful to make wall openings or remove entire walls.
  • Retrofitting. Many buildings built before prior to current construction codes or standards require retrofitting in order to meet seismic qualifications. Concrete sawing can assist in separating buildings from their foundations and performing any other renovations necessary in the process.

The Concrete Saw: An Essential Invention

There’s a wide array of concrete cutting saws that are available, with the operation expertise varying among concrete cutting companies. There are a various kinds of saws, such as the more portable hand-held saws to the walk-behind saws. Some are powered by gas, hydraulics, or electricity. All concrete saws use a diamond concrete saw blade to cut through concrete and any sort of reinforcement that might be inside the concrete.

A-Core: Experts in Advanced Concrete Sawing

While some projects permit individuals to rent and perform their own concrete cutting, most concrete cutting projects require a concrete saw cutting contractor to get the job done. A-Core is one of the most qualified concrete sawing companies with projects ranging all over the Western United States.

A-Core has been involved in many intensive concrete sawing projects, requiring the utmost technique and flexibility. One such project was Utah’s I-15 CORE project, one of the quickest corridor expansion projects ever to take place in the United States. A-Core sawed and sealed 2.7 million square yards of new pavement, and also deep sawed built ends of concrete on the freeway.

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A-Core offers you premiere concrete sawing services to assist you in your construction and renovation needs. A-Core also offers concrete cutting for any sort of concrete-related needs you have, including the creation of rumble strips. A-Core has the capability to get the job done, no matter the size or complexity. Contact A-Core and request a bid today.