Heavy Concrete Demolition


Whether it’s tearing up a road surface or causing a multi-story building to crumble, heavy concrete demolition is an important service since it enables the possibility for reconstruction and resurfacing. For companies like A-Core, concrete demolition is no insignificant task. From minor rural projects to extreme commercial demolishing, A-Core approaches each task with the mentality of accuracy and precision. No project is too simple or complex for us.

Heavy Concrete Demolition Equipment

At A-Core, we use the best demolition equipment to get the job done well and right. As part of our concrete demolition services, we offer robotic hammering to fit unique project standards. Here are the reasons why:

  1. It minimizes all facets of concern. Robotic hammers emit less noise, dust and vibration. When construction can be a cause of much frustration, it helps to find ways to minimize that. Plus, this type of demolition machinery alleviates safety hazards.
  2. Maneuvering is easier. When our team of professionals uses robotic hammers, the equipment can climb stairs, get through tight spaces and suspend over debris.
  3. It enables us to access difficult locations. Some areas that need to be accessed are dangerous and hostile. However, this tool enables workers to demolish concrete inside a contaminated nuclear plant or in confined power facilities.

A-Core Methods Ensure Top-Quality Demolition

Robotic hammering is just one of the concrete demolition methods A-Core uses to complete a project with accuracy and precision. A-Core utilizes smart techniques to enhance the quality of the overall outcome. A few factors that also figure into our success at breaking and removing demolished concrete:

  • Concrete removal. Not only do we demolish concrete, we also remove it to ensure cleanliness and safety.
  • Safety. Our main priority on any job is the safety of our team.
  • Professionally-trained personnel. State-of-the-art tools are only as good as the experts handling them.
  • Experience. We are well-versed in both soft and hard demolition.

Request a Bid from A-Core for Your Next Heavy Concrete Demolition Project

At A-Core, our goal is to complete your project – no matter the scope or complexity – as efficiently as possible. We complete the most difficult heavy concrete demolition tasks on time and within budget. We are committed to providing the best concrete cutting services, including the demolition of concrete. Beyond demolition, we also refinish road surfaces, grooving and grinding concrete in order to restore safety and a smooth ride. Contact us for a bid today.