Why Use Diamond Wire Cutting


Diamond wire sawing involves using a wire saw impregnated with diamond dust to slice through difficult-to-cut materials like concrete. A hole is drilled at the top and bottom of the concrete structure and the diamond wire is threaded through it with the help of a series of pulleys.

A-Core Concrete Cutting Specialists has often turned to diamond saws to complete difficult projects. The saws are tremendously versatile and the process offers other benefits:

  • Doesn’t produce dust or scatter debris
  • Eliminates vibrations
  • Doesn’t compromise or weaken surrounding structures
  • Leaves a smooth, exposed surface
  • Can be employed in narrow surroundings that would be difficult to manage with other saws

What Can They Cut?

Diamond wire saws will cut through just about anything. In the past, A-Core’s diamond wire saw division has used wire saws to cut any material at any depth. This includes reinforced concrete, metal engine blocks, concrete masses, massive copper chunks, underwater piers and live sewer pipes.

In tight spaces hemmed in by tough materials, traditional cutting methods aren’t up to the job. At A-Core, we’ve learned how versatile wire saws are and that they can be configured to handle challenging projects like:

  • Large concrete masses
  • Steel nuclear reactors
  • Bridge sections
  • Dams
  • Piers
  • Other buildings

A-Core’s Success with Diamond Wires Saws

We first showcased our high-tech diamond wire saw division during our work on the Utah State Capitol. The state contracted us to assist with the historic effort to retrofit the Capitol building with a seismic upgrade. This involved saw-cutting the 36” diameter columns from around the top of the building’s dome so that lighter-weight columns could be installed.

We were also commissioned to wire-saw slots so the new isolators could be installed. This feat involved cutting off the entire structure from its foundations so that it could rest on the new isolators. A-Core crews drilled tens of thousands of holes to accommodate electrical, plumbing and mechanical needs. Many times throughout the three year project, we employed our new wire-sawing crews to cut through concrete up to 30’ thick.

Why Choose A-Core for Your Concrete Cutting?

At A-Core, our capabilities range from retrofitting of the Utah State Capitol building to curb-cutting your new driveway. No project is too simple for us or too complex. Our experience extends to a vast array of specialties such as: grinding and grooving, wall cutting, core drilling, demolition (both soft and heavy), slab sawing, and joint sawing, making us the ideal partner for contractors, owners, and construction firms in every industry.

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